Sedating my cat

15-Oct-2017 11:20

A patient in severe respiratory distress is at risk of death as a consequence of minimal diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, but is also at risk if you do nothing; it would be well to advise your client of this at your initial contact!

I have a great deal of experience with this situation, and strong convictions as well.

I strongly believe in taking an approach that will consider the individual pet in front of me and his or her special circumstances.

I do not believe in taking the same approach straight across the board in a robotic manner.

Each pet's needs are individual and should be individually evaluated in regards to the need of pre-medications.

The general description of how the procedure is performed is discussed on the Overview section and on the Understanding Euthanasia section.

All veterinarians know this and most of us have a great deal of empathy for your concerns.

We veterinarians are fortunate in that older, less predictable, anethesthetics have been replaced by compounds that are very predictable and safe when properly used.

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Therefore, in some cases, the use of a sedative may make things easier on your pet.Unfortunately what you and your pet prefer may not be what is safe or even necessary.